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    How to get your desired domain at peaknetworks

    Check your desired domain with our free domain checker. Simply enter the desired domain into the checker. In a few moments you will know if your desired domain is available.

    Additionally, you will be shown similar domains that are also still available. From there you can put your desired domain into the shopping cart and register it through us in a few minutes.

    Our domain checker does not only consider the most popular domain extensions like .at .de .ch or .com. Currently, more than 1,000 generic and country-specific domains are available for registration at peaknetworks.

    • Free Domain Check
    • Over 1,000 domain extensions registerable
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Top prices
    • Registration in a few minutes
    • Own control panel for domain management

    Overview and costs of the most popular domains

    More than 1,000 different domain extensions can be registered at peaknetworks.

    Domain Price Domain Price
    .at 13,90 .de     9,90
    .ch  12,50 .com  12,90
    .eu   19,90 .info  19,90
    .org  12,90 .net  12,90
    .tirol  29,80 .green 108,00
    32,00 .bio 99,00
    45,00 .shop 86,00
    21,00 .fr 13,30
    64,00 .biz 19,90
    79,80 .news 36,00
    19,60 .blog 34,00


    You already have a domain and want to move?

    You have already registered a domain and want to transfer it to peaknetworks? Or even a website or a store?

    Then come to us. We offer you a free domain transfer service. Whether domain or website, we transfer this completely free of charge to us.


    More about Domain Transfer

    What our customers say

    The ideal, local hosting partner for digital agencies with high demands. peaknetworks stands for competence, high performance and extremely fast response times.
    Markus Kristandl, CEO Maweo GmbH
    Our companies and partners are consistently fascinated by how easily and quickly wishes and orders are fulfilled.
    Dr. Edgar Raschenberger, Medical Specialist & Bestselling Author
    We host at peaknetworks because competence and fast and uncomplicated solutions are important to us.
    Lothar Halbgebauer, Owner Apollo8
    As a certified TYPO3 integrator it is important to have a perfect platform for our customer projects.
    Noel Girstmair, Managing Director webundso GmbH
    The Joblupe is a Tyrolean company and relies with peaknetworks on a reliable and responsive partner from the region.
    Andy Schuler, Entrepreneur
    I know who is behind it, and that reassures me when dealing with our data in a highly complex environment.
    Horst Grassegger, CEO Eccodata GmbH
    Know-How, overview as well as reliability in the technical environment are key to innovation. We rely on peaknetworks!
    Romy Mroß, Managing Director from Net(t)working Group Mroß
    Excellent know how and support is one of the basic requirements for us. With our requirements we see ourselves in perfect hands with peaknetworks.
    Christian Sparl, CEO/Founder cyminds gmbh
    With web hosting it's like with food, the most important thing is quality and careful handling.
    Theo Favetto, Owner Veeconomy
    Commitment, expertise, reliability: our full confidence
    Martin Beutler, Managing Director Taxito AG



    • Where can I buy a domain?

      If you want to register your own domain, you can do it with a reputable domain registrar or web hosting provider.

      At peaknetworks you can register your desired domain online within minutes.

    • What does a domain cost?

      The costs of a domain depend on the desired domain extension as well as on the respective registrar and can vary greatly. The monthly costs range from EUR / CHF 0.50 to over 100.00 - depending on the toplevel domain.

    • Who is the owner of a domain?

      The owner of a domain is the person who is registered in the official WhoIs directory. This can be private persons, but also companies.

      If you register a domain with peaknetworks, you as a private person or the company you specify is always the owner of the registered domain.

    • Which domain is still free?

      With our domain checker you can check for free if your desired domain is still available. Our domain checker accesses the official database of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and is therefore completely up-to-date.

    • What is a top-level domain?

      A top-level domain (TLD) is the last part of the domain that comes after the dot such as at, de, ch or com.

      There are 3 categories of top-level domains (TLDs):

      Country Specific Top-Level Domains (ccTLD).

      Each country has an official country code domain according to the ISO-3166 standard. In addition, there are still country-specific peculiarities, such as in the United Kingdom.

      Meanwhile there are also TLDs for cities and regions like .tirol, .wien or .berlin.

      Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD)

      Generic top-level domains include all domains that have no geographical assignment and thus cannot be assigned to specific countries, cities or regions. The most popular generic TLDs are .com .org or .net.

      Sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs).

      This is the newest category of top-level domains. Sponsored top-level domains include domains that represent a specific field or industry.

      In addition, there is the possibility to apply at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN) for individual sTLDs, e.g. for your own company or brand. Brands such as .audi, .google or .sky already use this option.

    • What is a domain?

      A domain is the address with which the respective website can be reached. Each domain is unique and unambiguous worldwide.

      Actually, the Internet consists of numbers. Since it is easier for us humans to remember names than combinations of numbers, the domain name system (DNS) was introduced worldwide.

    • How long will it take for my domain to be active?

      This depends on the toplevel of the domain (e.g. ".at", ".com", ...).

      Toplevels like ".com", ".net", ".org" are active immediately.

      ".de" & ".ch" are reloaded every hour on the hour and are accessible for a few minutes afterwards.

      ".at" domains are reloaded at the following times:

      • 1:00
      • 3:00
      • 5:00
      • 7:00
      • 9:00
      • 11:00
      • 13:00
      • 15:00
      • 17:00
      • 19:00
      • 21:00
      • 23:00

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