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    Do you want to migrate your domain and WordPress hosting to us?

    Free migration of your WordPress including domain

    A popular service is the free migration and transfer of a WordPress hosting including domain to us. We migrate the domain and an existing WordPress hosting from another internet provider to us for free after receiving the transfer code and the access data.

    Obtain transfer code and access data

    Obtain transfer code and access data

    The first step is to ask your current internet provider for the transfer code to your domain. Then send the transfer code and the access data for WordPress and an FTP account to our support.
    The new WordPress hosting

    The new WordPress hosting

    The support will check the credentials and answer if everything works with the export and import of the WordPress data. Once we have confirmed this, you order WordPress hosting from us.
    Transfer and switching

    Transfer and switching

    As a final step, we migrate the WordPress. Once the domain is transferred, we switch to the new WordPress hosting. From this point on, the domain and the WordPress hosting will run at peaknetworks.

    Advantages with the WordPress domain migration

    The advantage of the WordPress domain migration is obvious. You send us the transfer code of the domain or even different domains, as well as the access data to the WordPress and an FTP account, the rest we do, - and until everything works. The migration of the WordPress to us is free of charge.

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    • Latest servers and storage systems
    • Top Security
    • Daily data backups
    • State of the Art "Control panel
    • Free migration of WordPress


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