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    The following instructions explain the configuration of various e-mail clients for MS Windows, Apple OSX, Android and Apple iOS using an example e-mail address maria.musterfrau@test-domain-test.com on the mail server mail3.peaknetworks.net. The e-mail address with the corresponding password and the mail server must of course be adapted to the values stored in the control panel for your domain.

    Attention! mail3.peaknetworks.net is used here as an example, the correct mail server can be found in the control panel.

    Important! By logging into the webmail you can easily check if the email address and password are correct. Otherwise this e-mail address can be created in the control panel or a new password can be generated.



    The necessary settings can be found for each domain with emails in the Control Panel in the Email / Email Server Details section.



    Settings for MS Windows, Linux, Outlook, macOS, Android and Apple iOS