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    Transform into a Hosting Provider with peaknetworks Reseller Solutions


    As a hosting reseller, you transform into a virtual hosting and cloud provider. The range of products includes fast web hosting, email services, and domains, extending to powerful cloud solutions or scalable Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

    With reseller hosting, the hosting comes from us, and the service as well as customer interaction come from you. Our infrastructure and expertise are at your disposal.

    You have the clients, primarily want to serve them yourself, and we are 'behind the brand' of your company.


    Cost Efficiency at Its Best

    Instead of investing in expensive server infrastructures and maintenance, you pay only for the resources you actually use. You gain access to powerful servers, bandwidth, and storage space without having to worry about technical management. This allows your business to allocate capital for other operational priorities.


    We Handle the Technology for You

    We take care of maintenance, updates, and expansion of the infrastructure, while you can focus on your core business. As a peaknetworks reseller, you benefit from ongoing developments in the peaknetworks Development Lab. These developments enable your business to adapt to changing needs and respond to new technologies without the need to invest in expensive hardware or specialized personnel.



    The reseller provides first-level support, and we are here to assist with second-level support. Professional support teams are available to ensure that your hosted services function smoothly.


    White Label Interfaces in Your Look and Feel

    As a white-label solution, you can offer hosting services under your own brand name. From the highest discount tier, resellers receive the peaknetwork control panel in their look and feel and with their own subdomain. This allows you to provide a seamless customer experience and position yourself as a reliable provider.



    Depending on the quantity of hostings sold, the reseller receives a discount on hosting products.



    Advantages with Reseller Hosting

    Attractive discount

    Attractive discount

    Depending on the number of active webhostings, the reseller gets a discount of up to 50% on the hosting prices. Domains are excluded from this discount. You can find the table with the scale at the beginning of this page.
    Latest technology

    Latest technology

    As new frameworks, operating systems, or libraries are released, we make sure they get on our roadmap and end up on production systems so that your customers are provided with the latest technologies.
    Prioritized support

    Prioritized support

    Agencies have different needs in terms of support. An important site must always work, sometimes it needs tips and tricks around the hosting so that everything runs perfectly. Resellers are prioritized to deliver a perfect service to their customers.
    Free migrations

    Free migrations

    Hosting with different providers, lack of overview, changing processes, the desire for consolidation arises. We take over the migrations from other providers to us free of charge. This service includes the migration of websites, domains, mailboxes, databases and also VPS.
    GDPR compliant

    GDPR compliant

    All hostings are GDPR compliant, on request you will receive a contract for commissioned data processing. No data is stored in AWS, MS Azure or the Google Cloud. All data is located on systems in Switzerland, Austria or Germany. You determine where.
    Control panel with its own look

    Control panel with its own look

    Starting with the highest discount level, there is the possibility to "brand" the peaknetworks control panel with logos and colors and also the reseller's domain. Customers then log in to the reseller's control panel and not to peaknetworks' control panel.

    Frequently asked questions about reseller hosting

    • What is necessary for the own control panel?

      In order for the control panel to be "branded" for the reseller the following items are required:

      • The reseller is in the highest discount level.
      • The logos and color definitions for the CSS are available to us
      • A subdomain is defined such as panel.reseller.com
    • What are the discounts for resellers?

      The scale of discounts for hosting products is as follows:

      Number of hostings Discount
      Until 10 10%
      11 to 20 20%
      21 to 30 30%
      31 to 40 40%
      From 41 50%

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