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    High Performance

    MySQL and MariaDB Server


    • Ultra fast and secure - HP Enterprise Server with SSD and NVME
    • MySQL Standalone VPS and MySQL Cluster - from simple to Multisite Cluster
    • Premium support - tuning of SQL queries and tables by specialists
    • Free choice of hosting locations - AT, DE or green hosting in CH

    High Performance MySQL and MariaDB Server

    peaknetworks offers MySQL and MariaDB database servers for all needs. The servers range from simple systems with one CPU to distributed cluster systems in multiple data centers.

    Hardware, network and storage are redundant, so your MySQL server is "always on" and always accessible.

    You don't have to incur high costs for hardware, power and cooling that would be required for your own server.

    You can scale your resources as needed, more CPU, RAM, storage can be added without having to buy or upgrade your own hardware.

    Our specialists help with tuning SQL queries and database tables. Often, by reformulating SQL queries, indexing individual fields and tuning the database configuration, we achieve speed boosts of several 100%. This way we save our customers money, because less resources are needed and SQL queries are faster.

    The MySQL and MariaDB servers are accessible for IP addresses specified by the customer from all over the world, if desired also through VPN tunnels.

    Advantages of peaknetworks MySQL Server

    peaknetworks MySQL and MariaDB servers are used exclusively by the customer and are not shared with other customers.

    The equipment and configuration of the MySQL server is determined together with the customer based on a free analysis of the use case.

    In addition, you will benefit from tips and tricks from the "peaknetworks Development Lab" staff who know MySQL and MariaDB inside out.

    We take care of the operation 7 x 24.

    You can choose between server locations in Austria, the ecological one in Switzerland or Germany. All hostings are GDPR compliant, on request you will receive an order data processing contract.

    • SSD and HP Enterprise Server Performance
    • Top support with MySQL know-how
    • We ensure 7 x 24 operation
    • GDPR compliant hosting

    Interested in a consultation?

    Get a non-binding offer. The more technical details and general conditions you provide, the more accurate we can make you an offer.

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    Various use cases

    Website with few accesses

    Website with few accesses

    A "low traffic" website with few user requests which uses MySQL as database.

    In most cases, the MySQL server that comes with the shared web hosting is sufficient and there is no need to use your own MySQL server. If the database is a bottleneck, an analysis of the SQL queries can help. Time-critical queries are reformulated and indexes are created in the database tables to increase the query speed.
    Website with many users

    Website with many users

    A website with an increasing number of users and many accesses to a MySQL database.

    After analyzing the number of SQL queries and query times, the result may be that a dedicated MySQL server will increase the speed. For example, a MySQL server with adequate SSD storage, 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM can process queries fast enough. If the users and queries continue to increase, additional resources can be added.
    Application with many database queries

    Application with many database queries

    The website or application requires a very high number of SQL queries and commands.

    Here, too, an analysis is created specifically according to the use case. Depending on the analysis, a MySQL server or even a MySQL cluster of several systems is engineered for the customer. For example, if a server with 8 CPU and 32 GB RAM is no longer sufficient, the tasks can be divided among a cluster of MySQL servers.

    Frequently asked questions about MySQL

    • What is SQL?

      SQL means "Structured Query Language" and is the name of the query language for relational databases.

    • What is an SQL database?

      An SQL database consists of one or more SQL tables. These tables can be thought of as a spreadsheet of a spreadsheet. With SQL queries and commands these tables are filled with contents, changed and queried.

    • What is a MySQL Server?

      A SQL or MySQL Server server is a server-side relational database program. MySQL Server can be used to process large amounts of data quickly. Many websites and applications use MySQL to store content. Besides MySQL itself, there are compatible systems like MariaDB or Percona.

    • Why should I choose SQL Server Hosting at peaknetworks?

      With peaknetworks MySQL Hosting, the customer gets a MySQL server with SSD storage that is tailored exactly to the needs. This means the RAM, storage and the number of CPUs will be adjusted to the use case of the customer.

    • How do the database systems differ from each other?

      There are SQL databases from many different manufacturers such as Microsoft MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL or IBM DB2. In addition, there are NOSQL databases, which do not store the data in the classic relational table form.

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