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    Here you can see the official IP address visible on the Internet that is currently used by your device. For network testing, remote maintenance and access, Onion router in Tor network and games that require IP addresses.

    What is an IP address?

    IP is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol. This is a network standard that regulates how computers can be found on the network. It can be compared to the address of a person. Without an address, for example, a letter cannot be delivered. An IP address works similarly: the IP is mandatory for any computer, smartphone, pad, or any other device that you want to use to access the Internet. Without an IP address, the device could not be addressed on the Internet.
    Data exchange on the Internet can be compared to sending a letter: You send a letter to a friend: the letter first goes to the post office and then from there it is delivered to the friend. On the Internet you send a request from your computer to a web server - for example to a hosting of peaknetworks. The web server then sends the requested homepage back to your IP address. You can then view it in your browser. The moment you go online, your Internet provider will automatically assign you an IP address, unless you have a fixed IP address, which does not change or is reassigned, but usually the IP address is dynamic for DSL or cable modem connections.

    What does an IP address look like?

    An IP address consists of numbers and dots. IPV4 IP addresses consist of 4 blocks with numbers between 0 and 255. But since more and more devices are going online and IPV4 IP addresses are becoming scarce, there are now also more and more IPV6 IP addresses with 8 blocks.

    What does my IP address reveal?

    The current IP address can be used to determine the Internet provider and the approximate location of your computer. For connections with dynamic IPs, the Internet provider also knows when you were on the Internet. Servers whose services you use also store your IP address. Based on the IP address and the time of access, it is thus possible to reconstruct who used a service on the Internet and from where. However, this data may only be passed on in exceptional cases.

    Further information on the subject of IP addresses can be found at Wikipedia .

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