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    A competent, solution-oriented and reliable hosting provider is crucial, especially as a digital agency. On the one hand, the hosting provider should provide super performance and thus guarantee fast loading times for websites, as well as competent, solution-oriented technical support.

    When we founded our digital agency in 2013, we started our hosting with the largest and most well-known hosting provider in Austria. Simply because we didn't know any better.

    Over the years, an inflexible and not particularly solution-oriented nature became apparent, especially in customer support. As soon as there were requests from our side that went beyond the normal standard, our team ran into a wall and was mostly fobbed off with "That's not possible" instead of finding a solution together. And this despite having booked and paid for priority support.

    What we also lacked was a kind of customer management (control panel) from which all customer accounts could be managed centrally and where customers could be given access to only their own separate account at the same time.

    Another important point was the technology and infrastructure. Again and again there were downtimes of our customer websites and also the server response time, as a basis for fast loading times, was not really outstanding.

    All these points made us think louder and louder about switching hosting providers. However, we had great reservations, as experience shows that these changes are associated with a lot of effort. Domains, web spaces and emails have to be transferred and the SSL certificate has to be reissued.

    While searching for a technically advanced, competent and preferably local hosting partner, we finally decided to switch to peaknetworks.

    And in retrospect, peaknetworks exceeded all our expectations. The transfer of dozens of customer websites was managed by peaknetworks completely automated over night. Due to a special configuration, there were minor problems with one website, which were quickly solved by the peaknetworks team.

    With the new hosting provider, our customer's website became 0.8 sec. faster on average in terms of loading time! This is where peaknetworks' state-of-the-art infrastructure with its super-fast Nginx servers pays off.

    After a few days we got free developer hosting on top. Our development team was happy.

    For special technical issues, we usually have a solution after a few minutes. If there are any hacking attacks on websites of our customers, we are proactively informed immediately.

    We consider the price-performance ratio to be very fair as well.

    After more than 2 years with peaknetworks, we have so far experienced our new hosting partner as very competent and with an outstanding performance and can recommend the company and its team without reservation.

    This field report comes from Markus Kristandl, Managing Director of MAWEO Gmbh in Innsbruck