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  • PHP version 5 or 7 with long-term support


    Support requests are again increasing whether PHP versions before 8.1, such as PHP 7.0, 5.6, PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.2 are still supported.

    Numerous website operators are confronted with the fact that various providers and hosters no longer support PHP versions prior to PHP version 7.4 and before in some hosting products due to "end of life" of these PHP versions.

    Some websites and homepages even remained empty, because they did not work anymore after switching to PHP 8.1 or newer.

    Older TYPO3 CMS, specifically created homepages or custom programmed plugins for CMS systems like Joomla or blogs like WordPress do not work anymore.

    peaknetworks offers a long-term support of older PHP versions. We port the older PHP interpreters to the latest operating system versions. In case of security problems we patch the older PHP interpreters on peaknetworks web servers ourselves due to our own software development.

    Supported PHP versions at peaknetworks

    Version At least supported until Comment
    PHP 5.2 End of 2023 FastCGI
    PHP 5.4 End of 2024 PHP FPM
    PHP 5.6 End of 2025 PHP FPM
    PHP 7.0 End of 2026 PHP FPM
    PHP 7.1 End of 2026 PHP FPM
    PHP 7.2 End of 2026 PHP FPM
    PHP 7.3 End of 2026 PHP FPM
    PHP 7.4 End of 2028 PHP FPM
    PHP 8.0 End of 2028 PHP FPM
    PHP 8.1 End of 2028 PHP FPM
    PHP 8.2 End of 2028 PHP FPM

    How to choose the PHP version?

    In the peaknetworks control panel, the desired PHP version can be set separately for each directory in the hosting:

    Here you can find an overview of hosting products with PHP 5 to PHP 8.


    Why are there different PHP versions ?

    New versions of PHP often include improvements and new features that enhance and extend the language. For example, a new version may include new built-in features, better performance and security improvements.

    Overall, there are PHP versions of the major version 5.x 7.x and 8.x. In each case, new language features are introduced in the major versions, while security updates or minor changes are usually incorporated in the minor versions. This usually also means that an application developed for PHP version 7.1 can usually be quickly made to work with PHP 7.4.

    The support of different PHP versions also depends on the server environment they are running on. Some servers may not support the required PHP version, again hosting from peaknetworks with the PHP long term support can solve the problem.


    When existing applications are upgraded to a newer version of PHP, they may not work properly. For this reason, peaknetworks supports older versions of PHP.